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“After a while, you’ve got to stop banging your head against the same wall. If you really want change to occur, focus on what you can do and do it, not on what they should do but haven’t and likely won’t.”

-Doe Zantamata

Our Story

GPS Educational Services is a Birmingham, AL. based education company focused on delivering sustainable solutions to deserving schools and students. Today’s educational system is becoming more competitive for parents,¬† students and schools. Students must learn as much as they can and learn it effectively. It is a school’s job to give information to students in the most effective way possible. As the years go by, the educational system will become even more competitive, and the need for more effective teaching methods will increase. The key to effective teaching is having parents and students who are both engaged. That is why we have introduced five very unique educational programs that have proven success in raising student achievement and keeping students engaged.

Our solutions are designed to aid students academically, socially, emotionally and professionally. Each product is totally customizable and tailored to fit the need of the district and or school we partner with. We feel it is our personal duty to assist educational intuitions’ in a way that increases student learning and achievement and build character.

Our implementation plan for introducing our programs are both cost effective and efficient. Students and parents complete our programs more confident about learning and excited about their academic future. We strongly believe our products to be effective, worthwhile and a profitable investment in the future of education.