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Kids enrolled in pre-k programs aren’t just learning how to recognize letters and numbers; they are also learning critical social skills and the importance of working independently in the classroom.

Pre-K-Paring For Take-off

PREPARE is a comprehensive program that includes tools and strategies to help facilitate and enhance children’s transition to pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. During a 3-week period, students will be introduced to routines, procedures and early educational materials to give them a jump start before entering school. The program will focus on the following areas:

School Readiness: Readiness checklist to keep track of skills students master as they move through the program. This is a list of skills that will give educators a place to begin for students entering school.

Oberservations and Activity Guide: An in-depth guide based on the readiness checklist and skill building activities.

GPS Tracking System: A Mastery guide for each student

Writing and Drawing:

A Tool for working on fine motor skills

Screening Tool for Reading Ability

Getting Prepared for School Handouts for Parents

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    According to the US Department of Education, the United Stated ranks 25th in the world in enrollment of 4 year olds in early learning. We understand the importance of early childhood enrichment,┬álet’s work together to get our kids off to the right start!

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