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We put emphasis on our Character Ed & Financial Literacy program because we believe it’s directly related to raising test scores and keeping students engaged in school. Honesty, Respect and Responsibility a few attributes we teach in our program along with financial literacy and college and career readiness.

Deposits for Life

Our Character Education & Financial Literacy program, DEPOSITS for LIFE guides each student on how money works and the importance of managing and saving. It also helps shape their character with lessons on being moral, honest and trustworthy. Each student can be successful, but we also understand that success has many different faces. We work with students to effectively navigate and teach them about pathways that connect education, good character traits and financial awareness.


“GPS’s belief is that an informed decision is the catalyst in assisting students in choosing a career path that not only yields financial security but empowers a financially literate and career orientated citizen.”


We will help mold students in life skills, interviewing skills, job application assistance and financial literacy. Life & Career readiness has no defined endpoint and the importance of college and career readiness skills cannot be overstated. GPS uses an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements. It’s a powerful way to build self-esteem, develop real-life skill sets and simply set students up for success.

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    Deposits for Life has proven results in increasing classroom rigor and participation and the decline of ODR’s.