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Employee Questions:

We asked Jermayne, how does his role at GPS directly affect the students they service?

In my role at GPS, I work directly with our in-house and on-site staff to ensure we are delivering the best academic and educational programs possible. Our programs were created by us and we take pride in knowing that the products we develop are aiding in the process of driving student achievement and helping create the next teacher, lawyer or doctor. Jermayne Richardson

Director, Process & Technology

Party to Achieve

Our Parental Involvement program, PARTY TO ACHIEVE, is a culturally-based program that utilizes an empowerment curriculum to guide and support intentional conversations about current challenges facing urban parents. We help parents with key principles to drive change in both parents and students.

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Career Readiness

We like to think at GPS that every student’s future is bright but we also understand that success has many different faces. A career-ready person effectively navigates pathways that connect education and employment to achieve a fulfilling, financially secure and successful career.

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Inspire Camp

INSPIRE CAMP is designed with precise academic instruction, fun and engaging activities to set students on the path to SUCCESS! Our camps are time-tested and proven to change attitudes, behavior and foster a creative learning process.

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